Sandra Gilbert

  Morton Gilbert


Thanks for checking out our website. I'm Sandy. When looking for subjects to photograph, I often take the minimalist route insofar as illumination is concerned. The upside down dory above was shot in very limited daylight, yet enough to capture subtle coloring and attention-getting highlighted areas, and the black background is a plus. The antique bowl and ladle on the table are touched by late afternoon sunlight in spots that make the subject more eye-catching than had the illumination been uniform. The spring tree leaves caught by early morning light stand in sharp contrast to deeply shaded barn siding in the photograph below.

My favorite subjects? Old structures, country scenes and events, kids, antiques, sports, critters, boats, landscapes, community affairs, seascapes, patterns, textures, all things considered, I'd say.

Please scroll down for more examples of my work. Dad's are on the preceding page and in Portfolio-2.
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