Thank you for visiting our web site. I'm Morton Gilbert whose enthusiasm for photography has been a constant for nearly a lifetime. Joining me within Amesbury's growing art community is my daughter Sandy whose fine art photography skills and aspirations make us a team - as well as friendly competitors!

These web pages provide glimpses of the quality of our work; news about photo events with which we were, are, or will be involved; a list of services offered;and a bit about ourselves.

To browse, please click links on the left. There are two portfolio links. Portfolio 1 contains examples of Sandy's work; Portfolio 2 has some of mine, as does this page


Sandra Gilbert
Morton Gilbert

Our work was selected early on for display at The Provident Bank's Lobbies for the Arts in Ameswbury, MA; we participate regularly in Amesbury's Open Studio Tours sponsored by the Cultural Council; and our work can be seen frequently in fine art photography exhibits at The Newburyport (MA) Art  Association where we are members. News about such upcoming events will be announced. 

"In Just a Moment" is the theme for Sandy's and my displays. It stems from the fact that single frame high-resolution photography enables capturing the briefest moments, preserving such events potentially forever as photographic images. But whether that which appears through the camera's viewfinder is fast moving, static, or somewhere in between, the serious photographer's challenge is to coordinate, often in just moments, the attainment of nicely composed, appropriately illuminated, interesting subject material and the correct camera control settings by which to produce eye-catching photographic results.                

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Photographs this page © Morton Gilbert
Photographs this page © Morton Gilbert.

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